Programmes Taught in a Foreign Language

PhD Programmes

Extra-occupational Courses



Degree Programmes (Bachelor, Master, State Examination)

For an up-to-date list of all Bachelor and Master programmes offered at the University of Augsburg, please refer to this page of the Registrar's Office:

Programmes at the University of Augsburg

Most programmes at the University of Augsburg are taught in German or, in the case of joint / double degrees, in German and the language of instruction at the other institution. A separate list of programmes taught in foreign languages is appended below.


Programmes Taught in a Foreign Language

English and American Studies

In addition, English and American Studies is largely taught in English in the Bachelor of Arts programme (both as a major and as a minor) and as part of the teacher training programmes.

Materials Science


Software Engineering

Classes in Master programme Software Engineering will be held in English whenever there is demand for them to be held in English.


PhD Programmes

  • Catholic Theology
  • Diversity and Educational Achievement
  • Empirical Education Research
  • English and American Studies (Philology)
  • Ethics of Text Cultures
  • European Communication Cultures from the Enlightenment to the Present
  • German Studies (Philology)
  • History
  • History of the Arts and Cultural History
  • International, Intercultural and Historical Education Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Literature (transdisciplinary)
  • Research in Didactics (Philology and History)
  • Social Sciences
  • TopMath

In addition to these 15 PhD programmes which include taught courses, the University also offers the opportunity to earn a research-only doctorate. This is possible in all disciplines represented at the University of Augsburg. Depending on the supervisor, it is usually possible to undertake a research PhD entirely in the English language, regardless of the field.


Extra-occupational courses

  • Business Management, MBA
  • Music Therapy, M.A.



B.A. Bachelor of Arts
B.Mus. Bachelor of Music
B.Sc. Bachelor of Science
ENB Elite Network of Bavaria
M.A. Master of Arts
MBA Master of Business Administration
M.Mus. Master of Music
M.Sc. Master of Science