Campus Map

Lageplan neue Universität

A – Universitätsstraße 2
University Executive | Communications
Registrar's Office | Examinations Office | University Administration
Medical School Office of the Dean
Staff Council 

B – Alter Postweg 118
Institute of Geography 

C – Universitätsstraße 10
Main Lecture Hall Complex (HS I – IV)

D – Universitätsstraße 10
Faculty of Catholic Theology
Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences
Faculty of Philology and History
Institute of Protestant Theology
Institute for Media, Knowledge and Communication (imwk)
Institute of Social Sciences
Institute of Canadian Studies
Institute of Spain, Portugal and Latin American Studies
Center for Teacher Education and Interdisciplinary Education Research (ZLbiB)
Sublibrary for Humanities
"Old" Cafeteria 

E – Universitätsstraße 22
Main Library 

F – Universitätsstraße 18
Sublibrary for Social Sciences 

G – Universitätsstraße 26
Center for Art and Music 

H – Universitätsstraße 24
Faculty of Law

I – Universitätsstraße 12 und 12a
Center for Lifelong Learning and Transfer of Knowledge (PATRIZIA Forum)
FIM Research Center and WI-Labs 

J – Universitätsstraße 16
Faculty of Business and Economics
Center for Lifelong Learning and Transfer of Knowledge

K – Universitätsstraße 20
Lecture Center for the Faculty of Business and Economics 

L – Universitätsstraße 8 + 14
Institute of Mathematics
Computer Services
Sublibrary for Natural Sciences 

M1 – Universitätsstraße 4
Refectory and "New" Cafeteria
Housing Department of the Student Services Organization
Cashpoint (ATM) 

M2 – Universitätsstraße 6
Student Counselling Office
International Office 

N – Universitätsstraße 6a
Institute of Computer Science

R – Universitätsstraße 1 (Physik Nord)
Institute of Physics
Institute of Materials Resource Management (MRM)

S – Universitätsstraße 1 (Physik Süd)
Institute of Physics
Center for Electronic Correlations und Magnetism (EKM) 

T – Universitätsstraße 1
Physics Lecture Center 

U – Universitätsstraße 1 a (innocube)
User Center for Material and Environmental Research (AMU)
Environmental Science Center (WZU)
University Guest Apartments 

V – Universitätsstraße 3
Sports Center
Institute for Sport Studies 

W – Am Technologiezentrum 8
Research Center for Materials Resource Management (MRM) 

Y – Alter Postweg 116
Extension building for the Humanities, Social Sciences and Catholic Theology
Language Center (Teaching rooms)

AStA – Salomon-Idler-Straße 2
Student Council (AStA) 

KITA – Universitätsstraße 5 und 5a
University Day Care Center (Student Services / Campus-Parent Initiative) 

BCM – Alter Postweg 101 (Büro Center Messe)
Language Center
Center for Interdisciplinary Health Research (ZIG)
Jakob-Fugger-Center (JFZ)
Welcome Service of the International Office
Career Service
Equal Opportunities Officer 

SHS – Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 6 (Sigma Technopark)
Sigma Lecture Hall
Quality Agency 

DLR – Am Technologiezentrum 4
Research Facilities of the German Aerospace Center 

FhG – Am Technologiezentrum 2
Research Facilities of the Fraunhofer-Society 

TZA – Am Technologiezentrum 5
Technologiezentrum Augsburg